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COVID-19: How you can help

Gloucestershire County Council COVID-19 poster
Gloucestershire County Council COVID-19 poster

Does your neighbour need your help?

It is important that we do all we can to help those in our communities that are likely to become more isolated as measures are put in place to delay the spread of Covid-19. There are some simple but effective things we can all do to help:

  • Making sure they have enough food and other general supplies to cover a few days – there is no need to panic buy though
  • Walking their dog, picking up a prescription, putting out their bins or taking in a parcel
  • Phoning, Skyping of Facetime them so they can see a friendly face, helping to reduce their isolation
  • Sharing child care or other caring responsibilities
  • Checking if any of their planned appointments have been cancelled before they travel
  • Making sure they have some simple recipes to hand, if they are not the normal chef or have done some batch cooking for the freezer

There is already a strong response from our communities that should be celebrated.  To help promote good practise happening in the county, we would ask you to share what you’re doing via social media, using the hashtag #gloscommunity on Twitter.      

Please visit our webpage for more information and to find resources from the County Council that you can use in your local community. 

It’s important that we all continue to follow the national advice and guidance which can be found at

Please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Council who will be more than willing to help whereever and whenever they can and who may be able to make alternative arrangements for you for anything you may be struggling with such as collecting essential food items or medicines.