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Local Services


The surgery is based in Corse, off the A417. Tel: 01452 840228 (enquiries) and 01452 840555 (appointments). Please visit their website by clicking here.

Staunton and Corse Primary School

Full time classes for children aged from 4 to 11. The school can be contacted on 01452 840240, for further information please visit their website by clicking here.


To assist in icy weather there are a number of roadside bins containing a salt/grit mix situated near any stretch of road which has a significant gradient. These are intended for self help and the mix should be applied using any convenient method. Please note that this material is supplied for use on the public highways only and not on private drives. Any road defects or hazards should be reported to the Divisional Surveyor, County Highways on 01594 860777

Parish Magazine

There is a monthly Parish Magazine which, as well as covering church news, gives information on what has and will be going on in the village. This can be ordered by contacting Mrs Patricia Gallagher on 01452 700200.

Refuse Collections

Refuse is collected alternate Monday mornings and paper, bottles and cans are collected for recycling weekly on a Monday morning.

Village Hall

Corse village hall provides a modern and welcoming public meeting place with a wide range of facilities for village activities, meetings, social groups and private parties.

Visit the Corse Village Hall Website by clicking here.

Registry Offices

The following link will allow you to locate your nearest Registry Office

Citizens Advice

The Citizens Advice Bureau is open for advice via phone or email. Please call 01452 527202 or email Their website can be visited at